The inspiration.
The inspiration. (Tim Tomkinson)


The inspiration.
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A hands-free hydration system that can be carried in a backpack. In 1988, cyclist and paramedic Michael Eidson competed in the Hotter’N Hell Hundred, in Wichita Falls, Texas, using an IV bag for a water bottle. He put the bag in a tube sock, clipped the hose to his jersey with a clothespin, dropped the bag into his pocket, and sipped from the tube. So many riders were curious about his invention that he decided to produce them. The first CamelBak was called the ThermoBak and was sold to bike shops by sales rep Jeff Wemmer, who traveled the country by motorcycle. Members of the military began using CamelBaks, known for their patented bite valves, during the first Gulf War. The bladder bags are now issued throughout the armed services.

From Outside Magazine, August 2015 Lead Photo: Tim Tomkinson