Airstream 16 Sport
The Airstream 16 Sport (Inga Hendrickson)

Airstream’s 16 Sport

Airstream 16 Sport

It may happen after your second kid. Or third-straight day of car-camping in the rain. Or maybe you just wake up one morning and realize you're too old to be sleeping in the back of your pickup. But there comes a point when you start thinking seriously about a trailer. Not one of those boxy land yachts for snowbirds. Something sleek and small, like Airstream's new 16 Sport, the shortest and most affordable in their line: 16 feet long, and light enough to hitch to most small SUVs and pickups. It's comfortable, but not fancy. Inside, there's just an aluminum-and-faux-wood interior and a few key comforts—a double bed, kitchenette, shower, and A/C. Remember: You're not getting soft. You're getting smart. $35,800;

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Lead Photo: Inga Hendrickson