Brunton Optimus Crux  -  Canister Stoves: Reveiws
(Clay Ellis)

Brunton Optimus Crux – Canister Stoves: Reviews

Brunton Optimus Crux  -  Canister Stoves: Reveiws

Why It’s CoolThough this stove is sweet enough at rest—when folded up, it’s so small it fits into the hollow beneath its own fuel canister—the Crux unfurled is engineering elegance: The burner head rotates on a ball-and-socket joint and locks into place with a reassuring snap. Small pot-support arms swivel into place, as does a flame-adjustment lever. How sharp is that? »There’s substance here, too. At full bore, the Crux is a firebreather that boils a quart of water in less than five minutes. » It’s also an even adjuster; I went straight from brewing coffee to browning flapjacks, without scorching the cakes.

Hmmm . . .There’s just enough play in the ball-and-socket joint to give larger pots the shakes, which is unsettling, given how diminutive the supports are.

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From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: Clay Ellis