Coleman Exponent Apex II  -  Liquid-Fuel Stoves: Reveiws

Coleman Exponent Apex II – Liquid-Fuel Stoves: Reviews

Coleman Exponent Apex II  -  Liquid-Fuel Stoves: Reveiws

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Why It’s CoolThe Eagle has landed! This one bears a retro-chic likeness to the 1969 Apollo landing craft, down to the folding footpads. » Dock fuel line to fuel bottle with a gratifying click, commence pumping, and—presto—the Apex II is chugging away with a whof-whof—and no need to prime it with lighted fuel. » Five pot-support fins and the largest-diameter burner head in this lineup afford a sound cooking surface and a well-distributed flame. » Hot-and-fast isn’t this stove’s forte, but a sensitive flame adjuster let us nurse sauces with aplomb.

Hmmm . . .Annoyingly, the Apex II works only with a Coleman-specific fuel bottle. » Holy repetitive-strain injury! Getting this rig pressurized and then firing at full force can require 70 pumps. » The Apex II required an excruciating seven minutes to boil one quart of pasta water.

BurnsWhite gas, unleaded fuel, kerosene (with $12 adapter).

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