Chair-turned-cot. (Photo: Oh minjung)

Covet: Packable Camping Cot

Your days of sleeping on the ground are over.

Berne Broudy

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Don’t sleep on the cold ground this winter, and don’t pack in a clunky old cot, either. Instead, check out the Helinox Cot One, which becomes available in April.

Ready to go. Ready to go.

At just over four pounds, the Cot One is light enough to carry on a camping trip and small enough to fit in a pack. It’s taught enough to bounce a quarter on, but still comfortable and supportive for folks up to 320 pounds.

Bonus: Even without looking at the directions (which are  printed on the cot), it only took a minute to assemble. The cot uses aluminum tent poles and architecture, so if you can pitch a tent, assembly for the Cot One will be intuitive.

Complete the set up—and maximize your chillaxing—with the Chair One and Table One.


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Lead Photo: Oh minjung

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