Easton Si2 - Three-Season Tents: Reviews

EMS Sugar Shack 3 – Three-Season Tents: Reviews

Easton Si2 - Three-Season Tents: Reviews

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Airy & Durable

Astute architecture students will notice it right away: The Sugar Shack employs elements of Romanesque groin-vault structure—a sturdy intersection of four arches that lends impressive strength to an airy roof structure. The result is nearly vertical walls that increase roominess, two massive doors, and enough square footage for five people to comfortably play Crazy Eights. Some testers found it a touch heavy, but that’s because it’s made with durable fabrics that should withstand years of abuse. And everyone agreed that setup is a snap. The joined poles made for a simple, sturdy pitch—even in the rain after too much schnapps. 6.4 lbs; ems.com
Livability: 4.5
Sturdiness: 4

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