The High Camp Trailer comes with an outdoor kitchen and quilt-top mattress.
The High Camp Trailer comes with an outdoor kitchen and quilt-top mattress. (Photo: High Camp Trailers)

High Camp Trailer

Outdoor kitchen, quilt-top mattress, hot water. Who says you have to forgo the niceties while camping?

Megan Michelson

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Leave it to the artisans in Portland, Oregon, to come up with a teardrop trailer that’s so beautiful you may just want to turn it into an outdoor guest room. But really, you need to take this thing camping. 

When you head outdoors with the High Camp, you’ll need a truck, SUV, or a six-cylinder car for towing, because it has a base weight of 1,250 pounds. But for that weight you get a 7-by-12-foot floorplan that feels surprisingly spacious. The cabin has a queen bed equipped with a quilt-top mattress and wood-paneling with ample storage for gear.  

The galley, accessed via a pop-up roof on the rear of the trailer, has a tidy outdoor kitchen that comes pre-installed with a three-burner gas stove, a stainless steel Coleman cooler, countertops for prepping meals or cocktails, and cupboards for storing dishes. And the luxuries don’t end there. You can add on features like a shower tent with on-demand hot water, an iPad mount for watching movies, solar charging devices, a mount for a bike rack, a fold-up camp table, a rain shelter, and more.  

The trailers are custom made and can take six to eight weeks, or longer, to build, and you’ll most likely need to pick it up in Portland. But that’s fine, because the trip to Portland is a perfect excuse to do some camping in the surrounding Northwest.  


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Lead Photo: High Camp Trailers

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