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How to Build the Ultimate One-Box Camp Kitchen

A little organization goes a long way


We’ve all been there—you arrive at the perfect car-camping spot, start digging through your disorganized kitchen supplies…and realize you left your favorite knife and all your spices at home. Dinner is now going to be chunky and bland. The solution? An all-in-one camp box, like YETI’s LoadOut GoBox 30, which is packed with organizational tools, can take a beating, and is just big enough for all your kitchen gear.

Larger Items Go Down Low

Unlike camp boxes that are just featureless rectangles, the GoBox comes standard with a divider, a removable caddy, and something called the Pack Attic, a full-length pouch with several zippered pockets that fits into the top of the GoBox. 

The divider (which pulls double-duty as a cutting board) breaks the main compartment into two sections, giving you all sorts of options—say, larger cook gear on one side, food (or just all your coffee apparatus) on the other. The compartments are big enough to fit just about everything you need for two people: small cast-iron pan, some stackable pots, a few plates and bowls, and a small stove like the MSR PocketRocket Deluxe.

Small Stuff Goes Up Top

Simply place items like silverware, spices, oils, dish soap, a sponge, and your lighter in the removable caddy, which comes with a convenient grab handle for easy transport. Stash longer, flatter items, like your cutting board and a kitchen knife, or essential items like plastic bags and tinfoil, in the Pack Attic, which has three separate, zippered compartments to keep everything in its place. Pro tip: to keep everything secure in transit, smoosh a roll of paper towels or some dish towels on top of the compartment with your pots and pans.

And the Entire Box Goes Anywhere

Like everything else YETI makes, it’s nearly indestructible. And because it’s totally dust- and waterproof, with multiple exterior tie-down points, it can ride in a truck bed, on top of your car if you have a roof basket or a platform, or just about anywhere else you can safely secure it. Two more pro tips: If you have two GoBoxes (because the GoBox is also great for organizing your climbing, fishing, biking, and other gear), stack one on the other and make a camp seat. Or if you need a stool to get into your roof box, a GoBox works for that too.

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