Kelty Aztec 2 - Tents: Reviews

Kelty Aztec 2 – Tents: Reviews

Kelty Aztec 2 - Tents: Reviews

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PENNY WATCHERThe Aztec and I got off to a rough start when I incorrectly rigged its guylines in a cold rain. All was forgiven when this size-XL camper dove inside and found more than seven feet of internal length, and more than five of width at the front door. My pack also found plenty of elbowroom in the vestibule, which was kept rigid by an arcing pole. Once secured, that rain fly didn’t shudder much during a blowy night at 6,000 feet in the Cascades, nor did the seamless floor leak when my once pretty campsite turned puddly.

Bonus: For the price, it’s practically a rent-controlled apartment.

Bummer: Uninspired styling.

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