Luminair tree tent outside covet camping walden thoreau
The Luminair Tree Tent has space for two inside. (Photo: Courtesy of Luminair)

Luminair Tree Tent

Forest-floor camping is for the birds.

Luminair tree tent outside covet camping walden thoreau

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If you were that kid who spent more time in a tree fort than in your room, then use that adult credit card to buy the Luminair Tree Tent.

Hanging however high you dare to go, its sleek spherical shape looks like it belongs up in the canopy. The tent, constructed using lightweight aluminum and steam-bent ash, is 10 feet in diameter, which means it comfortably accommodates two adults. 

The tent’s cotton canvas exterior is water- and rot-proof, and it also has thermal liners to insulate the inside. But what’s really sweet is that you can configure the inside in many different ways—even setting up a writing desk if you so choose, with optional configurations for solar and water options, too. Eat your heart out, Thoreau.

Starting at $10,770,

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