Marmot Equinox  -  Camping Tents: Reveiws
(Clay Ellis)

Marmot Equinox – Camping Tents: Reviews

Marmot Equinox  -  Camping Tents: Reveiws

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Why It’s CoolWhen a big wind whipped down Blowin’ Ridge, we climbed inside. With three poles and industrial-strength clips, the Equinox held the line. » Setup is intuitive, with pole sleeves and canopy clips, and you can torque this tent at the corners to milk every cubic inch inside. Broad twin doors spell an end to crawling over pals, and the vestibules add up to an unbelievable 20 square feet. » Sitting up, I had a full foot over my head, and Marmot’s ingenious Knee Pole System made for nearly vertical walls. The pumpkin color produced a warm glow inside, and the two angled rooftop windows evoked the Sistine Chapel.

Hmmm . . .At six pounds nine ounces, the Equinox is a tad heavy, and it requires a prime spot to pitch the mammoth vestibules.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: Clay Ellis