Nemo Morpho AST - Tents

Nemo Morpho AST – Tents: Reviews

Nemo Morpho AST - Tents

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Eyeing the Morpho’s inflatable beams, I was ready to dismiss this pneumatic freak. Then I pumped it up in about one minute and dived into the two-person playroom. Intrigue grew when a not-so-errant pocketknife didn’t pop the rigid airbeams, which are made from a derivative of sailcloth, with guy-outs to keep them upright in a tempest. The single-wall construction stayed condensation-free, thanks to waterproof-breathable fabric and vents. Nice trick: The vestibule converts to floor space, depending on your mood. 5.4 lbs;

Bonus: Enjoy attention? The Morpho attracts a crowd as sure as a free beer sign.

Bummer: The airbeams and pump make a bulky bundle. And you pay dearly for the gee-whiz factor—before the optional $65 foot pump.

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