We asked a gear consignment pro how to save money and still sleep well outside

Bryan Rogala’s first impressions of Midland’s MTX 275 GMRS radio

Wes Siler helps you find the best sleeping pad

Spoiler: it’s all about ditching single-use items

Some brands offer portable tent systems that promise an authentic wood-fired sweat experience—at a fraction of the cost of permanent installs

It might not be time to head out on a big excursion yet, but it's a great time to get inspired.

There’s nothing better than eating good food with friends around a campfire. Wes Siler shows us how to cook up something really impressive.

There's romance in practicality—as long the present arrives on time

The holiday is a great opportunity to spread the stoke—and the love

Bryan Rogala walks you through adding a heater to your camper

Yeti gear rarely goes on sale, but the brand is offering up to 25 percent off select drinkware while supplies last…

How old does a child need to be when you give them their first knife? The answer assumes you know how old they are in the first place.

This winter, staying warm and cozy may be more important than ever. Here are a few of our favorite outdoor pieces for doing just that.

The Platypus GravityWorks 4.0 is the best filter of its kind

Getting off the ground makes you feel like you're lying in an actual bed

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A little organization goes a long way

It's the lightest backpacking meal—and one of the easiest and tastiest

The ursine inhabitants of the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center test dozens of containers each year to see if they're worthy of bear-proof certification

Having fun on an overnight adventure with your kids is all about preparation

This will be the best $10 you ever spend. Trust me.

You can make backyard-style meals wherever your adventure itch takes you

The ins and outs of staying clean (and safe) at camp

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A fun trip can turn to crap fast if you don't come prepared

Camper vans, pop-ups, RVs, and more—if you're ready to upgrade from tent camping, you've got plenty of options. Use this handy tool to pick your ideal vehicle setup.

When your life depends on it, it had better work

Fur, dingleberries, and dog claws are no match for a Harbor Freight moving blanket

No more "Oops, I forgot to bring the stove!" scenarios

Simple, free ways to improve your experience next time

In this video, Bryan Rogala shows us three solutions to help kick that expensive one-pound disposable-propane-tank habit

Little luxuries for nights spent under the stars

They're nowhere near as comfortable as the inflatable alternative, but they still deserve a spot in your gear closet

The best thing about car camping? Bringing all the amenities.

These innovative technical pieces make wilderness camping more fun and less work

Don't forget to bring the bug spray, folks

But the developers know that could present an overcrowding problem

Our writer has a man crush on a Utah cook-stove inventor named Steve Despain, and it’s easy to see why. Using creative design, smart marketing, and YouTube star turns, he’s brought glamour to the humblest little workhorse in the outdoors.

It has great support, a table, and a spot for your favorite beverage

Here's how to assess when it's safe to do so

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