Any outdoorsperson on your list is sure to love these

Rumpl and Loki team up for comfort

Invest in these splurge-worthy gifts for the whole crew

I love it dearly, but it's not something I ever would have spent my own money on

He's tested them, and now they're very on sale

Building a good camping kit doesn’t have to break the bank. Some of our favorites are on sale at REI through November 25.

Fixing it yourself is a cheaper and faster solution than waiting for a gear shop to do the job

Thanks to a couple inventors, a handful of national parks might be the best places to take your propane canisters to keep them out of landfills. But why hasn't the process taken off across the country?

Our Gear Guy tested the top small coolers to help find what's right for you

A warm meal is a game changer in the backcountry

Our Gear Guy's inexpensive hacks for backcountry travel

Putting away your equipment correctly will allow it to last for years to come.

Jenny Jurek, a former Patagonia designer, knows a thing or two about how to modify gear for your little ones without spending a fortune

Forget the hatchet—the Buck Compadre Froe has your camp wood-processing needs covered

Don’t let a little precipitation keep you inside

After nearly a month of testing in Alaska and Yosemite, the shelter can best be described as a guilty pleasure

The brand's classic design continues to impress me

The weather may be getting a little colder, but that doesn’t mean the camping trips have to come to an end. These deals can make those trips that much better.

You're not going to want to do this at home

Never taken your pup out overnight? Wes Siler has some tips and tricks that will make the experience a little easier.

Keep your gear compact and safe with these handy haulers

We’re stocking up for fall with these handy items at REI’s Labor Day sale, which ends on 9/2.

With just a few affordable additions—and an admittedly dangerous method—you can create flawless results using just a humble kettle grill

The best deals on our favorite gear at REI’s Labor Day sale, now until 9/2. Plus, save an extra 20 percent off one REI Outlet item with coupon code: LABORDAY19.

Because you shouldn't have to go without your morning kick in the pants, no matter where you are

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Because sometimes you forget to bring an *actual* lantern

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Nalgenes aren't just for drinking. Here are five other things you can do with them around camp

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In case you forgot your camp stove but remembered the beer

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The cooler is just the beginning

A light for every situation, whether you’re car camping or deep in the backcountry…

A guide to ruling the galley on your next weekend out

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Trading spoons for cams, one set of newlyweds now has everything it needs to explore together

Everything you need to know to sleep comfortably when it's cold out

These nine essentials make camp life easier, all under $100

Not all camping mattresses are built the same

A reformed raft guide writes a breakup letter to his favorite piece of gear as he upgrades to a (real) mattress

Stasher's Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bag should replace your supply of Ziplocs

From the overbuilt to the überlight, these are great seats for taking a load off at the end of the day…

If you want extreme luxury while car camping, GCI's FirePit Rocker is just the seat in which to rest your rear

In this episode of Gear Busters, producer Emily Reed pits the Igloo Recool Compostable cooler against a traditional Styrofoam one

You want something that's powerful enough to keep you and your gear clean

New two-person sleep systems are lighter, plusher, and more affordable

Including an easy-to-set-up tent, an ultralight camp chair, and a sleeping bag made almost completely from recycled materials

Wes Siler demonstrates three of the best ways to purify water 

A moderately unhinged but entirely reasonable rant about how we define the value of outdoor gear

Breeze through spring’s blustery days…

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All it takes is a little prep work and quality ingredients

Outside editor Emily Reed went to Walmart and bought a full camping kit to spend a night under the stars. Here's how it performed.

Necessities? No. But will they make your weekend more fun and comfortable? Absolutely.

Sleep so magnificent, you’ll be turning in early

Camping on top of your car or truck is easier than ever

And fend off your campmates’ envy

There’s no painful mortgage, but a few key factors should guide your decision when shopping for a tent

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Thanks to a new wave of purpose-built gear, we’re living in the golden age of drive-up camping

Shelters that rise above in affordability, sturdiness, and headroom

Six options (that aren’t lawn darts) to broaden your repertoire…

Everybody poops (and pees). Here’s gear to help take care of business in the backcountry.

You don’t always need the biggest ice chest ever made. Often something smaller will do the trick.

The best offense against uncomfortable animal encounters is good defense…

It’s warming up, so that means it’s time to stock up on hiking and camping gear for spring and summer adventures. Here are our picks to get the most bang for your buck this season.

To get accurate test results, I enlisted a physicist's help

Not every shelter requires futzing with poles, guylines, and rain flies

Its integrated strip of white LEDs automatically turns on when you open the lid

Black Diamond and Alex Honnold strike again in their ongoing April Fools' shenanigans

For those of us who aren’t backcountry beasts, there’s the 2 Seconds pop-up tent

Watch for our tips on how to choose the right backpacking stove before you hit the trail.

Watch to get a tour of the new Tepui Lightning Rooftop Tent.

The most comfortable nighttime experience possible for vehicle-based adventures

It's another simple step you can take to eliminate single-use plastics

Stay clean and keep the environment safe at the same time

Learn how to patch up your leaky sleeping pad so it’s as good as new.

Embrace phone-free time and enjoy these activities instead

From plush to ultralight, there's something here for everyone