REI XT 85L - Weekend Backpacks: Reviews
(Inga Hendrickson)

REI XT 85L – Weekend Backpacks: Reviews

REI XT 85L - Weekend Backpacks: Reviews

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Built for the Long Haul

If you’ve got big plans this summer—or you’re the mule for a weekend family trip—you want a beast like the 5,200-cubic-inch XT 85L. The suspension system, a hybrid of old-school frame construction and new-school torso padding, didn’t flinch when one tester loaded it up with climbing ropes, a winch, and shovels for a work weekend on the Continental Divide Trail. The front stuff-it pocket has two steel-bottle-shaped front pockets, and side and rear zips let us get into any quadrant of the pack. The only downside is that you won’t use this leviathan beyond those occasional big trips. 5.5 lbs;
Versatility: 2.5
Comfort: 4.5

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