The Jannu
The Jannu (courtesy, Hilleberg)

Who makes a large four-season two-person tent?

What is your recommendation for a largish two-man tent? We're both six foot, two inches tall. I'd like to use it for an upcoming AT thru-hike, starting in Georgia in January, and also for some winter Pennsylvania camping. Any chance we can find one that weighs under five pounds without sacrificing durability? Luke Scranton, PA

The Jannu

Kinda depends on budget, Luke. If there’s no limit, I like the Hilleberg Jannu, a really rugged, light (5 pounds 8 ounces) all-season two-person tent that has a floor length of 93 inches—plenty for you 74-inch models. The Jannu is put together like a Rolex, with fabulous materials, and is ideal for summer-to-winter use. Only down side is the price: $735. As they say in Sweden, where Hillebergs come from, “Oj!” (translation: “Ouch!”).

The Jannu The Jannu

Marmot’s Aura 2P ($299) also would work; it’s only slight shorter than the Jannu, so you and your pal would fit. And it weighs a little under five pounds. The rub is that it is more of a summer tent; the canopy is mostly mesh, and is pretty airy.

An interesting choice would be Black Diamond’s Skylight ($449), a hybrid single- and double-wall tent that has tons of room for two and still weighs just five pounds. Very nice.

Then, if budget is an issue, look to Sierra Designs’ sorta classic Meteor Light 2 ($269). Weight is good (around six pounds, depending on configuration and what you leave home) and it’s very weatherproof, a true three-season tent. And it is big—93 inches of vertical floor space. So you’d both fit.

Good camping to you!

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From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: courtesy, Hilleberg