Northwave Mojave
Northwave Mojave (courtesy, Supergo)
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Can you help me score a deal on a cycling shoe-pedal combo?

Where can I find the perfect combination of shoe and lock-in-pedal for the best price? I have tried to look on the net, but it seems like I can only get one or the other, not both. Jeremy Port Orchard, Washington

Northwave Mojave

Depends on the riding you’re doing, Jeremy. Certainly, lots of bike places offer discounted deals on a particular shoe and a particular pedal. For instance, at right now you can get 661 Expert shoes with Bontrager RE-1 pedals for $70, which is a pretty good deal. But to be honest, I figure either the pedal or the shoe is a dog, which is why they’re packaged and blown out at a dirt-cheap price. Which I take is the problem you’re bumping into.

Northwave Mojave Northwave Mojave

So buy the shoes and cleats separately. Can’t-miss shoe brands include Sidi, Diadora, Northwave, and to some extent Shimano—all good brands that offer models in a wide range of prices, from the Shimano M120G for $100 to the Sidi Dominator 4 for $210. You can often find good deals, too, such as what Supergo is offering on the Northwave Mojave, a fine technical MTB shoe—available for $70 versus $150 retail (

Anyway, as I said, a lot depends on your riding. If you’re doing technical mountain biking, then I think the Crank Brothers Egg Beaters ($140 for the basic S model; are very hard to beat. Light, simple, extremely easy to get in and out of. But, this is a very small pedal, so unless you’re wearing a shoe with a very rigid sole, you’ll think you’re pedaling on a walnut.

For lower-key mountain biking, touring, or all-around road riding, a pedal with a bigger platform—such as Time’s A.T.A.C. Alium ($100;—is an excellent choice. So too are the Shimano pedals, such as the M540 ($90;, which offers a good design and easy entry/exit at a reasonable price. Crank Brothers also offers a wide-platform mallett M pedal ($140) that incorporates their egg-beater clip.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: courtesy, Supergo