Carriers: Rack “Em Up, Shorty

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Outside magazine, July 1996

Carriers: Rack “Em Up, Shorty
By John Lehrer

Hoisting a bike to the roof rack on a sport utility vehicle is a stretch for all but the very tall. It’s easier to reach a hitch-mounted rack, but then there’s the risk of damage in the event of a fender bender. And both types leave your bike exposed to the elements
and potential theft.

A clever alternative is the BiketransPorter, a rack that secures up to six bikes inside an SUV, van, or pickup. The sturdy aluminum frame stands bikes upright in a row, protecting your upholstery from grease and gouges. Loading a bike takes about as long as removing a front wheel: Position the mounting brackets along
the rails and clamp each bike by its fork blades using a quick-release skewer.

The initial assembly is quick–about 20 minutes–and strapping the rack into your vehicle isn’t much harder than buckling two seat belts. A standard setup (in two sizes) costs $150, fits more than 30 vehicles, and holds three bikes; it can accommodate up to three more with extra brackets ($17.95 each). Custom sizes are available.

From K & S Products, Box 6839, San Jose, CA 95150-6839; 800-986-8000

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