After the Next Freak Storm, You’ve Got the Power


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Goal Zero Yeti 1250: Here’s the scenario: a freak ice storm hits during the Super Bowl or March Madness. The TV goes black. Your Bud Lite is in danger of getting warm. How do you respond?

With Goal Zeros’ Yeti 1250, you’ll not only be prepared–you'll be be a local hero, able to power your wall-sized flatscreen and the fridge. This silent recharger, which can be juiced with solar panels or stored with a wall socket charge when the power is still flowing, has multiple outlets compatible with everything from a GPS unit to a refrigerator. It'll run a laptop for 30+ hours, keep a full-sized fridge going for four days, and maintain subzero temperatures in a chest freezer for over a week. That means that not only will your buddies call you a game saver, but when you're still out of power three days later, your wife will be on board. Available May 2012, $1500 wall powered; $2000 with solar panels.

P.S. It's 104 3 pounds, so not really suited for the backcountry, but Goal Zero does make smaller sizes.

-Berne Broudy



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