Customize your camper.
Customize your camper.

Bahn Camper

A totally customizable build for your truck

Customize your camper.
Kip Malone

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Most truck campers are unnecessarily heavy and ugly as sin. The Bahn, on the other hand, is light and gorgeous.  

Bahn starts with a fiberglass shell, which will put up with off-road abuse and also weighs about half (700 pounds) a standard shell. The interior is a blank canvas and can be fully customized with creature comforts and external toy storage. Or if you want Bahn to do the build-out, you can choose from designs like the Universal, which weighs in at 1,400 pounds and includes everything from a queen-size bed to radiant heating.  

The campers can be built to fit long, short, and flatbed trucks. Really, the company can make you a one-off for whatever you drive. 

Starting at $39,000,

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