Mulliner incorporated an electronic dehumidifier in the kit to ensure the Bentayga's boot remains dry and odor-free.
Mulliner incorporated an electronic dehumidifier in the kit to ensure the Bentayga's boot remains dry and odor-free.
Indefinitely Wild

For an Extra $100,000, This Bentley Will Take You Fly Fishing

Mulliner, Bentley's in-house customization shop, spent three months turning this Bentayga into the ultimate fly-fishing adventure vehicle


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With the Bentayga, Bentley's first SUV, the carmaker is reaching outdoor recreationists for the first time. And that’s providing interesting new challenges for its in-house customization shop, Mulliner. Their first custom build? A complete fly-fishing setup.

Complete with rod holders, a portable fly-making shop, and even a cabinet designed to hold flasks of tea, every aspect of the custom storage unit is handmade from the finest possible materials. The waterproof storage box for your boots and waders, for instance, is made from a wooden frame wrapped in saddle leather that’s hand stitched using linen thread. Underneath the leather is a neoprene base that seals in water and odors, keeping your Bentley’s interior clean. 

Mulliner’s job is satisfying Bentley customers' wildest desires. In the past, they’ve installed custom drinks cabinets in Continental GTs and made bespoke luggage for Flying Spurs. Now Bentley’s first SUV is opening up a whole new range of customer needs. Want to use your 600 HP W-12 to haul your mutts or take you rock climbing? Go to Mulliner to design your pewter dog crate or solid gold carabineer rack. No matter where your Bentayga takes you, they can craft a custom solution for it. 

Mulliner’s craftsmen devoted three months to this fly-fishing build. First, they researched the sport, hiring legendary angler Matt Harris to consult on the kit’s content and solutions. Then they amassed piles of high-end fly fishing gear to analyze how it worked and what their storage solution would need to accommodate. Then they set about building the cabinets, boxes, cubbies, and sleeves. The end result: a practical, convenient solution that rides seamlessly in the Bentayga’s boot, secured to the aluminum luggage rails so it creates no rattles or sounds. On the go, it slides into the depths of that boot to allow you plenty of luggage room, then smoothly slides forward to the bumper when you need access to it. 

Mulliner focuses on creating unique builds for each individual customer, plus their own unique needs and desires. So it doesn’t expect anyone else to spec something identical to what you see here. But if you do want exactly this, they’d be happy to make you a copy for about $100,000. That’s in addition to the Bentayga’s $231,000 price tag. 

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