The Gear Junkie Scoop: SPACE Trailers


By Stephen Regenold

They are touted to combine the “versatility of a utility trailer” with attributes found in a haul-behind unit made for gear. SPACE Trailers, a new company based in Burnsville, Minn., has a neat product in its hitch-ready equipment haulers, which come in three primary styles and can tote copious amounts of gear for the outdoors.

With the trailer, you can load up immense hauls with little fuss. They are light enough to pull behind a car as small as a Mini Cooper. Weight of the intro model trailer is just 400 pounds.¬†Inside, you get dimensions of 84 x 49 x 28 inches — enough for a week’s worth of camping gear. On top, you can mount racks to attach bikes, kayaks, and other larger outdoors toys.

You can buy a SPACE Trailer ( sans lid. The company’s 4500 model comes as an open trailer, and it costs $1,499. But the lid — a “durable, paintable, ABS plastic canopy,” as the company calls it — is a distinguisher for SPACE trailers.

Lid-equipped units start at $2,399, including the 6500 model and the 6500 Long Neck model, the latter of which has a longer trailer tongue length (and costs $100 more).

I have not tested a SPACE trailer, though at a recent gear demo event I got the full tour from two of the company founders. It is a solid unit, and the lid opens and closes easily. The trailer box is made of galvanized steel, and the floor is marine-grade plywood coated with polyurethane. LED lights, a 2-inch trailer coupler, and safety chains are standard.

SPACE trailers are made in the USA. The company has plans to add features to the trailers including an attachable tent enclosure; storage compartments on the trailer bed to stow skis, paddles and fishing poles; exterior attachments for water and gas containers; and a system that will turn the SPACE trailer into an ice-fishing house.

Says Todd Olson, a founder of the company, “We like to think SPACE Trailers are the Swiss Army Knives of trailers.”

–Stephen Regenold is editor of