Who needs a road?
Who needs a road? (Photo: Mercedez-Benz)

Mercedes G550 4×4²

A concept turned reality

Who needs a road?
Kip Malone

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Lots of concept cars never make it to production, so we'd really like to thank Mercedes for following through with its new G550 4×4², which should hit the U.S. market next year. 

The tricked-out version of the regular G550 adds almost eight inches of ground clearance for a total of 17.2 inches of rock-crawling stature, plus more than three feet of fording depth. Underneath the hood, a duel turbo aluminum V8 pumps out 416 horsepower. 

We haven’t seen an official price, but we expect it won’t be cheap.

$TBD, mercedes-benz.com

Lead Photo: Mercedez-Benz

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