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From the deserted coast of North Carolina to the red-rock canyons of the Colorado Plateau, these routes should be on every overlander’s bucket list

Things to consider when you want to add solar to your adventure vehicle

You don't have to go with the newest, spendiest rig

Ford Rangers, Toyota Tacomas, and the like all make great adventuremobiles—with a little help

Wes Siler walks us through his current progress on his 2019 Ford Ranger build

A bulletproof awning, an on-the-go shower, and some really sweet nuts and bolts

Inside the van where the iconic climbing film was shot

Learn the pros and cons of various types of adventure vehicles, and get a better idea of what to look for in your next rig

Dometic's PLB40 battery system isn't cheap, but it's the simplest and best battery our auto contributor has ever tested. Here's why. 

Bryan Rogala introduces us to the world of buying and importing a 25-year-old adventure rig

Need to carry a bike, board, or just some firewood? Here's how.

Any car can be an adventuremobile. Here's how.

Adventure Vehicles 101 explores the orange Affuerda Vida bus

Wes Siler goes through the basics of off-roading in his Toyota 4Runner

The Clean Cruiser Project's goal is to drive to Panama in a 1982 BJ42 Land Cruiser that runs on biodiesel 

Real-world experience in the hands of an expert who drives the Ranger off-road every single day

In part two of Bryan Rogala's recon mission to Overland Expo West, he gets more ideas from innovative rigs

Including which work best in certain situations and what they'll cost you

What you do with it is so much more important than whatever car you buy

Plus three tips on how to navigate the off-road paradise that is Overland Expo

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Turns out the football superstar is also an extremely skilled archer—and we have the footage to prove it

And why that’s the best news possible for Land Rover lovers

Bryan Rogala gives some quick advice for driving your adventure vehicle through the muck

Packing—or even sleeping in—your small station wagon requires extra planning. Here are our favorite tricks for taking your Subie on long trips.

Wes Siler takes a look at the new-for-2019 Ford Ranger

Bring less than you think you'll need, and put it back where you found it

Or: How to live in a vehicle long-term with your significant other

If your budget is somewhere between $3,000 and $1.5 million, there's a rig here for you

Leaving the highway behind? Here's how to stay safe when driving gets adventurous. 

On our second visit to New Mexico–based Tactical Application Vehicles, we take some epic rigs off-road

Step into the pricey, aspirational world of custom-built adventure rigs with Tactical Application Vehicles

Here's a guarantee: if you show up to Overland Expo West, you'll of course see some incredible Jeeps and Toyota Tacomas. But the real way to take in this annual gathering in Flagstaff, Arizona, is to walk past the cliché Sprinter van build-outs and keep your eyes peeled for the trucks, vans, and other four-wheel-drive campers that are one of a kind. We spent all weekend tracking down some of these gems.

A truly game-changing long-haul camper

Turn your vehicle into an adventure-mobile

No vehicle is more maligned, yet no vehicle is more useful

Learn about the different types of adventure vehicles and basic upgrades for your stock rig.

Gear to make your next journey more comfortable and stress-free…

Plus, the three-row family crossover has got legit four-wheel drive. Competitors should take note.

Depending on the space you have and how far you're going, there are options

The all-new car is safer, more economical, and, thanks to its turbo, faster

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Everything you need to know about renting, buying, or taking your first trip in an adventure-ready rig

Spoiler alert: it's by far the most capable pickup truck ever made

It's not as off-road ready as the Sprinter, but it's miles ahead of its predecessor

Believe it or not, the brand and badges are irrelevant

We toured hundreds of impressive new models at this month's RV Experience event. These six stood out.

Ratchet straps, bungee cords, a tarp, and some organization required

The AWD-e aces snowy roads—but there's a catch

The total package is just much more convincing than the Tacoma or Colorado, and probably more practical than the Jeep Gladiator

Nothing is more important to your car, truck, or SUV's performance than the rubber you put on—or off—the road. These are the basics you need to know.

For less than two grand, these simple modifications will make a huge difference on dirt

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We teamed up with Ford and took the all-new 2019 Ford Ranger to find the best adventures near Seattle. Here’s where we ended up.

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We took the all-new 2019 Ford Ranger backcountry skiing at Loveland Pass, cold-water kayaking in Littleton, and slacklining near Golden.

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The weather can be gnarly, but that doesn’t stop New Englanders from suiting up and venturing out.

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We went on a multi-sport tour including hot air balloon base-jumping, paddleboard surfing at Pismo Beach, and bouldering in J-Tree.

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Join us as we proximity fly in Page, and sport climb and slick rock bike in Sedona.

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The Northwest’s biggest city is also an adventure sports hub

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The key to having the most fun close to Denver? Head for the canyons.

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From canyoneering and climbing to mountain biking and hiking, there’s no shortage of desert adventures here

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The weather can be gnarly, but that doesn’t stop New Englanders from suiting up and heading out

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Surfing gets all the attention, but there’s great hiking, climbing, and cycling near Los Angeles too

What I learned on my powder-filled dream trips to Whistler and Aspen

Rigs for going far, far afield and taking all your gear with you

The first mass-produced, off-road-ready camper to be sold in the U.S. in decades is a winner

The Gunner G1 is the most useful dog kennel ever made

The world's hottest supercar company made a crossover. We got it dirty.

The best way to get first chair? Park next to it.

Getting stuck in the snow is never fun, but we’ve got some tips and tools to get you out quickly.

The LiveWire is a giant leap for Harley, if only a small step for the motorcycle industry as a whole

Is the massive rack-maker's investment in rooftop tents a good thing?

When you live on the road, space for new things is limited. Here are some items your favorite nomad can really use.

How our writer turned a midsize pickup into the ultimate adventure home

Safety, reliability, and capability, all in one (relatively affordable) truck

Electric power + a pickup = a match made in heaven in American consumers' eyes. But let's not get too excited yet.

'Moab Overland' features a Land Rover Defender 110 packed with provisions tackling the rowdy dirt trails around the Utah outdoor hotspot

Testing the addition of active suspension and semiautonomous off-road driving

If you're going to splurge on the vehicle of your dreams, best to kit it out properly

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