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Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon Crew Cab 4×4 The Sell: The pick-up for the SUV and crossover set. Read more. Ford Transit Connect LWB The Sell: A European-built Ford Minivan gets imported stateside. Read more. The Sell: A European-built Ford Minivan gets imported stateside. Read more.

We'd love to see a return of the classic, retro VW camper—with an electric engine nonetheless! The only problem: this is a concept that will likely never make production.

After hearing feedback from hundreds of riders in the U.S., Harley is about ready to launch its powerful LiveWire bike.

Sprinter 4×4 Here at Outside, we’re romantics when it comes to Syncros and Vanagons—possibly to the point of being delusional. Because to shell out $79,000 (one of many similar listings on Craigslist) for a 24-year-old Volkswagen with more than a quarter-million miles on it is, well, insanity.

The adventurer's favorite car, perfected

A classic car that knows what it's doing, sans-gas

Move over, Volkswagen. There's a new adventure vehicle on the street.

A snap to drive, deceptively roomy, and easy on the wallet

Surprise! BMW is trying to become an eco-friendly brand. (And it's working.)

A luxury electric car you can take on forest roads.

Fun, powerful, and now road-trip ready

A powerful truck with the fuel-sipping soul of an eco-friendly car

The sports-car company's best isn't even a sports car

Practical features and pleasant driving in one very sleek package

Stands out for its luxury features and super-smooth ride, if not for its economy as a hybrid

Good-looking and ready to go off-road

A luxury ride you'll want to bring camping

It makes even dangerous driving conditions blasé.

Tackles nightmare conditions, feels like a dream

Nimbler than your average pick-up, with plenty of room and nice extras

A sporty favorite goes electric

The number-one selling vehicle in the country sets a new standard for safety and fuel efficiency

Be ready to simplify before jumping on the tiny-house bandwagon.

Ural's Patrol, a Siberian-built beauty intended for year-round use, is our new favorite ultimate adventure vehicle.

The 6 rules you must follow before embarking on a life on the road

With a swarm 66,000 people congregating on a patch dirt for the week, the scale of the event was unimaginable. With so much to see in such a vast area, a vehicle of some kind is a necessity. And in true Burning Man fashion, the crazier the better.

When it comes to staying safe and enjoying great views, rooftop tents are the way to go.

A new global racing series aims to make the electric car cool.

A 22-room mobile home designed to tackle the planet’s toughest roads.

Welcome to Alex Honnold's van. The American rock climber may be best known for his free solo ascents of killer walls, but we think his badass mobile home also deserves some attention.

The Slimline II isn’t your average roof rack. Rather, it’s a multifunction platform with more accessories than you’ll know what to do with.

Pack up the AT Overland Chaser, and be ready to set off into the backcountry at a moment's notice.

Or is this $280,000 splurge the ultimate off-road rolling home?

Here are six of our favorite vehicles (and add-ons) to help you find freedom on the open road.

I’m not the type of person who becomes deeply attached to my belongings. But when I sold my things and moved into my Honda Element, the rig naturally grew on me. After all, it was home. Fast forward years later with many adventures and shenanigans in between, the “Toaster" was eventually totaled out with beyond-needed repairs. It was time to bid farewell. These are a collection of images that memorialize my time on the road in the “Toaster.”

"I bought my first VW Westfalia Vanagon camper back in 1999, and have since owned five of them. I finally settled on a gorgeous 1991 model—lucked into via Craigslist for $9,000 a few years ago."

The rugged speaker for blasting your neighbors away.

In the latest auto-palooza, trucks trim weight and boost efficiency, while cars of all types get greener than ever.

The best cars for every kind of journey

An Oregon mechanic and electric-vehicle rock star wants to turn his iconic Franken-van into the ultimate earth-friendly camper.

Limited-edition cargo storage from Thule means a stylish, smooth ride for both you and your gear.

Behold the Cricket, summer’s best new road-trip partner.

Dimples cut down on drag and noise, and there's plenty of room inside.

Why the intrepid Vanagon has once again earned its place as the ultimate outdoor vehicle

One in three vehicles sold today is an SUV, but that doesn't mean you (necessarily) need one

Performance tires, all-season tires, snow tires: Which should you be using?

Direct impacts rarely end well. Every year, collisions with wildlife result in 1.5 million crashes, 200 deaths, and $1 billion in vehicle damage. Here are five tips to stay safe.

A stylish, go-anywhere cross-over wagon with power to spare.

Rooftop cargo carrier's have a nickname: rocket boxes.

A better way to beat the ice

A mobile home for modern adventurers, Bowlus’ Road Chief is your secret weapon for stylish, comfortable staycations and short- or long-term adventures you can drive to

(Jan 2013) Detroit, MI North American International Auto Show Volkswagen's Ulrich Hackenberg presents the Cross Blue Concept car at NAIAS. Photo: NAIAS The latest update of the National Climate Assessment, a federally-mandated report written by a panel of 240 scientists, was released…

Tundra buggies resemble a kind of double-wide, offroad school bus, with plush suspension, a massive 460 International Diesel engine, and tires that run at 12psi to float over mud and snow. They’re jacked up about 10 feet, partly for clearance, but mostly to prevent any curious polar bears from climbing…

Behold, the ultimate recreational vehicle

Put some wheels on this thing and you've got your ideal adventure home

New technologies and improved designs make it easier than ever to get all of your gear to the trailhead. This year, we reviewed Yakima’s all-new blade-slim crossbars, which reduce drag over traditional round bars, and the Sylvan Sport Go, an extremely well made 840-pound trailer that swallows up all your weekend toys.

Bob Evans' GasPod devices. Photo: GasPods Armed with an engineering degree that he earned not from a university but from “watching nature,” and with years of experimenting and designing better scuba fins, a Santa Barbara-based entrepreneur has created a small airfoil…

  The Silver Minnow, in repose We were barreling south on I-25 doing 70 when we felt it: a weird shuffling sensation in the tires. The truck hitched slightly to the right and began to decelerate. I looked over at Steve to see…

Outside reviews the World War II-era motorcycle and sidecar.

My first reaction to SylvanSport’s Go was… meh. I’m not really a trailer guy, and the Go seemed a bit overpriced and gimmicky. Then the company loaned me one.

I'm putting a ski/bike rack on my new Subaru, and I'm wondering what to get: Thule, Yakima, or factory?

Goal Zero Yeti 1250: Here’s the scenario: a freak ice storm hits during the Super Bowl or March Madness. The TV goes black. Your Bud Lite is in danger of getting warm. How do you respond? With Goal Zeros’ Yeti 1250, you’ll not only be prepared–you'll…

Outside picks the most fuel efficient cars, including the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid.

Outside picks the essentials for February, including the Yamaha Super Ténéré.

No excuses. It's time to ditch that gas-guzzler for an electric car.

Outside reviews the best gear in the 2011 Summer Buyers Guide, including the Saris Bike Porter Trunk 3 bike rack.

Outside reviews the best gear in the 2011 Summer Buyers Guide, including the Yakima SkyBox Pro 12 Onyx rocket box.

By Stephen Regenold They are touted to combine the “versatility of a utility trailer” with attributes found in a haul-behind unit made for gear. SPACE Trailers, a new company based in Burnsville, Minn., has a neat product in its hitch-ready equipment haulers, which come in three…

Automakers are back with a vengeance—serving up the most advanced, fuel-efficient, and intelligent crop of new cars and SUVs we've ever seen. Additional reporting by Roman Mica and Michael Sheena.

An old, non-electric classic. Photo courtesy of Flickr. The U.S. Marine Corps recently purchased two electric Newton trucks from Smith Electric, reports. The trucks will be used at Camp Pendleton, CA, the largest training facility on…

Why It’s CoolA pickup is great for hauling many kinds of things—kayaks, lumber, muddy mountain bikers—but is surprisingly ill-suited to bicycles. Even trucks with pre-drilled fork mounts in the bed leave you with a wheel to tie down and no storage room. The Rec-Rac changes all that. Twin C-shaped clamps,…

Why It’s CoolFully a third of new vehicles sold today come with factory-installed roof rails. This is good. But far fewer come with bars. Not so good. Happily, there’s now the Crossroad system, for adding crossbars to any existing rails. » The installation is straightforward—if you can’t work one of…

Why It’s CoolThe sleek new Platinum Pro holds up to 21 cubic feet of gear and opens from either side, but here’s the important part: I got this sucker out of the box and locked on the roof in less than two minutes, all by my lonesome. » The arched…

Tired of storing a rooftop box that hogs garage space like a boat? This soft-sided carrier manages a vanishing act when not in use, thanks to a hybrid design that employs individual molded supports. The water-resistant Ranger attaches securely to your rack and delivers 12 cubic feet of space,…

The HighRoller’s universal attachment accommodates all wheel sizes from a 29-inch downhiller to Junior’s 20-inch Huffy. Bonus: The tire clamp eliminates contact with your bike’s frame, preventing ugly rub marks on that candy-coat paint job.…

Sure, you can manhandle your 17-foot sea kayak onto the roof and ding your car in the process—or you can load it effortlessly and dent-free with the SlipStream. It incorporates a roof-long base-and-roller system that attaches to most racks. The movable cradles eliminate boat-car contact, make solo loading easy,…

From car to curb to camp, this seven-cubic-foot soft-sided carrier does it all. With integrated straps and a nonabrasive quilted bottom, it attaches securely to side rails or crossbars. Tuck-away shoulder straps make it easy to schlep an expedition’s worth of gear through airports. Water-resistant construction keeps rain out.

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