Poo-Powered VW Bug Hits British Streets

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Dung beetles have been around for thousands of years but the one on the streets of Britain is a whole new insect. Well, not exactly.

British sustainable energy company GENeco modified a Volkswagen Beetle—the Bio-Bug—to run off the methane produced at sewage treatment plants across the country without losing horsepower, the Daily Mail reports. Seventy homes' worth of flushing can power the car for up to 10,000 miles. The vehicle starts using unleaded gas and switches to poo power once it's running.

We thought it would be appropriatethat the poo-powered car should be the classic VW Beetle becausebugs naturally breakdown waste at sewage works to start the treatmentprocess which goes on to produce the energy,” Mohammed Saddiq, who helped develop the vehicle, told the Daily Mail.

The developers say the Bio-Bug will “blow away” electric cars in terms of sustainability.

If you were to drive the car youwouldn't know it was powered by biogas as it performs just like anyconventional car. It is probably the most sustainable car around,” Saddiq told the Daily Mail.

Will Taylor

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