Price Designs Rec-Rac  -  Sport Racks: Reveiws

Price Designs Rec-Rac – Sport Racks: Reviews

Price Designs Rec-Rac  -  Sport Racks: Reveiws

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Why It’s CoolA pickup is great for hauling many kinds of things—kayaks, lumber, muddy mountain bikers—but is surprisingly ill-suited to bicycles. Even trucks with pre-drilled fork mounts in the bed leave you with a wheel to tie down and no storage room. The Rec-Rac changes all that. Twin C-shaped clamps, with control arms and straps that secure your fork and seatstay, latch easily onto the walls of the bed. Wheels stay on the bikes, leaving about 90 percent of your cargo space for other stuff—so tell your buddies to hop on in. » To secure your gear, just loop the optional cable lock ($15) through the tensioning eyebolt. » Come winter, the straps are wide enough to secure your skis.

Hmmm . . .If you’ve got a bed liner, you’re out of luck, unless you’re willing to cut a hole in it. » Transporting a different bike means moving the braces.

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