This is what you should be camping in.
This is what you should be camping in.

Tepui White Lightning Rooftop Tent

Rooftop camping just got even more convenient, thanks to this sleek hardshell design

Overland Expo West. Flagstaff, Arizona.

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Trust us: Once you get in a rooftop tent, you’ll never want to go back to sleeping on the ground. These sky-high shelters are easier to set up, significantly more comfortable than their dirt-bound counterparts, and will keep you out of the mud when things get wet.

And the new hard-shell White Lightning from Tepui is the best we've tried to date. Two fiberglass panels open in just seconds to create a two-person tent that includes a plush 2.5-inch mattress and miles of ventilation. When closed, it's just eight inches tall. The tent itself fits on any car or truck bars. It also comes with its own rails so you can mount bikes and boats on top, then keep them there even when the shelter's set up. 

The tent launched on Kickstarter and should be available this fall.


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