Off road, military style.
Off road, military style. (Photo: Toyo Tires)

Toyo Ferret Military Vehicle

A classic, now with some modern off-road upgrades

Off road, military style.
Robert Annis

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Action Vehicle Engineering and Toyo Tires recently partnered up to revamp a mid-century British military design. The result: our new favorite adventure vehicle.

The 1959 Ferret, which was originally used as a scout vehicle, gets several important upgrades, including a new rear-mounted V8 engine, and heavy-duty King shocks. The middle two wheels, which were spares originally, were outfitted with Open Country M/T tires and hydraulically modified to give additional traction. 

Even better, instead of shooting anti-tank weaponry (as the Ferret used to do), its turret cannon now fires a custom grappling hook and line that it uses to crawl up steep climbs. 


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Lead Photo: Toyo Tires

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