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Von Miller Shoots Arrows as Well as He Plays Football

Turns out the football superstar is also an extremely skilled archer—and we have the footage to prove it


Chances are you know Von Miller, because you’ve seen him flattening quarterbacks on prime-time TV. But if you follow Miller on Instagram, you might also know that he likes to hunt and fish. A lot.

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Miller has been hunting with his dad since he was three or four years old, when he used his BB gun to snipe birds and rabbits at his family’s multi-acre backyard in Texas. “I learned to shoot before I could even write,” he says. Eventually, he exchanged the BB gun and rabbits for a rifle and white-tailed deer, but his drive to spend time in the outdoors hasn’t changed—even though Miller’s schedule is much busier.

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Two years ago, Miller took a few practice shots with a friend’s bow. He hasn’t touched his rifle since. And because archery is a perishable skill, he practices no matter the time of year, in season or not. The next challenge is taking an elk. “The elk hunting here in Colorado is crazy,” he says. Getting his first one will mean heading to the mountains on a Monday night after practice, hunting Tuesday, and driving back in time for an early wake-up in Denver. But we’re guessing he’ll be ready. To see Miller’s archery skills in action, check out the video above, the first installment of Carhartt’s new “Back to the Land” video series.

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