Eats sand dunes for breakfast.
Eats sand dunes for breakfast. (Photo: Zarooq Motors)

Zarooq Sand Racer

It’ll chew up sand dunes and four-wheel-drive roads, then get your kids safely to school

Robert Annis

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The Zarooq Sand Racer isn’t your typical garage-built dune buggy. 

Designed by the Campos Racing Team and assembled in the United Arab Emirates, the Zarooq is a sleek, racecar-esque, sand-eating machine. Powered by a 300-horsepower Nissan 3.5-liter V6 engine (in the base model) and equipped with heavy-duty wheels and a lifted suspension, the Sand Racer can handle dunes, mountain roads, or even pothole-strewn city streets. (Yes, it’s road legal.) 

Production is currently underway, with the first vehicles scheduled to be available in early 2016.


Lead Photo: Zarooq Motors

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