Your body deserves the best.
Your body deserves the best. (Photo: Inga Hendrickson)

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Eight products to treat your skin right. 

(Love and Leche)

Love and Leche's Mountain Goat Lotion Bar

Guaranteed Pleaser

Love and Leche’s ­Mountain Goat lotion bar served us well after a day of rock climbing, moisturizing split fingers and calming ­blisters. It also excels as a lip balm and tames scraggly facial hair.

Price $14

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Journeymen Natural Deodorant 

Journeymen’s chemical- and aluminum-free Natural deodorant was created by two SoCal surfers who wanted an alternative to drugstore varieties. The smoky cypress scent lasts all day.

Price $18

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(Bogue Milk Soap)

Bogue Mil Soap No. 15 Matilija Blend Shaving Soap Kit

Bogue Milk Soap’s No. 15 Matilija Blend Shaving Soap kit lets you lather up the old-school way. The mug holds a pleas­ant mix of bentonite clay, lavender oil, and comfrey.

Price $25

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Harry's Foaming Shave Gel and Winston Razor 

Harry’s Foaming shave gel ($4) and Winston razor ($20) make one of the best combos we’ve ever used. An ergonomic grip and flexible hinges allow for close shaves that don’t leave razor burn or miss those tricky spots, while aloe and cucumber lubricate and cool.

Shave Gel Price $4
Razor Price $20

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Farmarsthetics' Sweet Soy Oil

Farmaes­thetics’ Sweet Soy Oil is blended into a scent that’s equal parts calming and refreshing.

Price $39

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Bogue Milk Soap Chiefs Bar

Bogue Milk Soap Chiefs bar leaves your skin feeling extra soft and smooth, courtesy of goat’s milk and a mix of essential oils.

Price $6

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Lead Photo: Inga Hendrickson

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