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Now through October 4, stock up on our favorite climbing gear at Moosejaw. Save up to 25 percent or get 20 percent off one full-price item with code 20CLIMBSALE.

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A 10,000-square-foot facility not far from the Hells Angels’ Ventura, California, headquarters—a former food canning operation, the address of which I am not to reveal—houses the Patagonia Archives, a project recently launched by the clothing company to chronicle its storied past.

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Welcome to professional climber Cedar Wright’s Boulder gear shed, or, as he calls it, his “discombobulated junk show.” It’s also an adventure athlete’s paradise packed into a one-car garage that’s bursting with ice climbing, paragliding, big-wall climbing, and biking equipment stacked in neat—and not so neat—piles.

Photographer Max Whittaker got to peek inside the new digs late last month while Honnold was climbing in Yosemite.

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