The writer and film producer reveals her favorite tried-and-true women’s gear for the crag

Her top tip: don't forget the coffee

12 pieces of essential gear chosen by our resident climber

From hemp oil to ginger tea to earplugs, here’s what the climber and BASE jumper can’t live without

When professional mountaineers design adventure apparel, good things follow

Honnold is known for his minimalism, both in climbing and in life. But there are couple items he deems essential.

A 10,000-square-foot facility not far from the Hells Angels’ Ventura, California, headquarters—a former food canning operation, the address of which I am not to reveal—houses the Patagonia Archives, a project recently launched by the clothing company to chronicle its storied past.

From the shoes to the harness to the chalk, here are a few tested basics to get you on the rock

Tackle training walls with this primo kit

Work your project from the ground up

Yvon Chouinard would be proud of these retro climbing shoes

Welcome to professional climber Cedar Wright’s Boulder gear shed, or, as he calls it, his “discombobulated junk show.” It’s also an adventure athlete’s paradise packed into a one-car garage that’s bursting with ice climbing, paragliding, big-wall climbing, and biking equipment stacked in neat—and not so neat—piles.

Photographer Max Whittaker got to peek inside the new digs late last month while Honnold was climbing in Yosemite.

Portland, Oregon-based CiloGear promises to sell you the most bomber, versatile alpine packs on the market

New-for-2017 tents expands mountain livability

Ten essentials for going vertical

Pinches. Slopers. Jugs. Baby heads? Ever stop to wonder who makes the holds bolted to the wall at your local climbing gym? These guys do.

Third-party sellers are restitching old Petzl harnesses that are no longer safe to use. And Petzl is still seeking answers to a lot of questions.

Fashion meets performance in these retro-inspired kicks

Pro climber Tommy Caldwell is living the dream with his family in Estes Park, Colorado

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Nobody has more fun on the rock than Cedar Wright and his wife Nellie Milfeld

An increasing number of well-designed tools help rock climbers train more effectively

Carabiner: A gated aluminum fastener used with rope and other equipment to arrest rock climbers’ falls.

Portaledge: A collapsible sleeping platform for climbers.

Pro adventurer dads share their suggestions. (Hint: Rooftop tents, not ties.)

All you need to tackle unbolted routes.

How to assemble your first kit.

Turns out your favorite dirtbag climbers aren't the only gross thing hanging out at the local wall.

You need only the essentials, but make sure you know what to look for

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Mike Libecki has climbed some of the world’s most remote and demanding walls, often alone, in pursuit of embracing the unknown. Now, for the first time ever, the man who wouldn’t “ration passion” is bound for Antarctica on his greatest expedition yet with the perfect partner in tow—his 11-year-old daughter.

The outdoor adventure company doesn't do girly. Their new women's gear is designed for adventurers, explorers, and athletes who play in the mountains for a living. Not surprisingly, the apparel works pretty well for the rest of us, too.

Lightweight, durable, and comfy, this gear finds its way into Chris Solomon's pack every time he heads out the front door.

Lighten up your kit for faster ascents.

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For years, professional climbers Freddie and Janet Wilkinson would come home from some of the world’s tallest mountains to a 12-by-12-foot box they built on a New England hill. Why? Because big lives need few walls.

Would you buy a $400 tie—if it's been to the top of Everest?

Forget about rubbing two sticks together. Without matches, your only hope of getting a fire started in the wild is to take advantage of other tools at your disposal. Mykel Hawke—a former U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret and founder of survival school Spec Ops—recommends two easy,…

The chemistry-led quest to create the world’s best super chalk blends for climbers and weight lifters

The polar explorer talks about the gear, prep, and mental conditioning necessary to undertake what he hopes will be longest unsupported polar journey in history

I'm wondering could you recommend some sunglasses that could block 100% UV and 82-91% visible light. I want to use it for high altitude climbing and snow activities.

The Black Diamond pack that promises to set a new standard for avalanche survival gear

A free guide to Red Rocks in Nevada

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