Looking good.
Looking good.

5 Wearables That Don’t Make You Look Like a Tech Geek

Companies are making digital devices that not only track your steps but also up your style game

Looking good.

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Used to be that wearables were just blandly designed fitness accessories. Nowadays, however, many wearables not only count your steps but also look good at dinner. What follows are five favorite tech pieces that add a touch of class to your daily kit.

Apple Watch (From $300, pictured above)

We’ve long been fans of the Watch’s design and functionality (everything from heart-rate tracking to navigation), but we were also excited to see Apple release its new woven nylon bands. The color choices are bold and bright, and the styling classy.

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Withings Activé Steel Smartwatch ($170)


This watch is modeled after an old-school timepiece, but hidden inside are sensors that sync with your smartphone and track metrics like sleep and calories burned.

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Vinaya Altruis Cleopatra Necklace ($430)


You won’t get any fitness metrics from this necklace, but it does vibrate when an important text or email arrives (a setting you can customize on the accompanying app). The point? To keep you from being glued to your phone.

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Misfit Ray ($100)


The Ray looks like something you’d buy in a Moroccan souk or Hawaiian specialty shop but includes an accurate step counter, a stand reminder, plus call and text alerts.

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Moto 360 ($300)


We like the simple round face that’s a canvas for the beautiful, high-res digital display, which tracks fitness metrics including heart rate. But our favorite part is that the watch works over WiFi without need of a phone. 

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