The 7 Grooming Tools Every Explorer Needs


Snow and wind will do a number on your face and hands. Treat your skin right this season with these seven essential soaps, scrubs, and razors made from all-natural ingredients. 


Brickell Purifying Charcoal Face Wash

The aloe and jojoba in Brickell’s Purifying Charcoal face wash make this cleanser gentle on cheeks. But it’s still capable of busting through caked-on dirt, thanks to the gritty ingredient in its name.

Price $13
(Portland General Store)

Portland General Store Hunting Camp Soap

Scratchy charcoal and pumice make the Portland General Store Hunting Camp soap one powerful exfoliator. The intense cleansing and sandalwood aroma are addicting, especially after nights in the backcountry.

Price $13
(Lava Love)

Lava Love Volcanic Ash Bath Powder 

Bathing in geologic fallout sounds gimmicky, but the Oregon-sourced bentonite in Lava Love Volcanic Ash bath powder detoxifies skin by binding to pollutants. Lavender, juniper, and cedar impart an herbal scent.

Price $22
(Brooklyn Grooming)

Brooklyn Grooming Beard Lovers Set

The Brooklyn Grooming Beard Lovers set includes sesame and hemp beard oils for keeping your winter chin-blanket smooth, a hair tonic to tame frizz, and a mustache comb to give each strand its due attention.

Price $95
(Sam's Natural )

Sam’s Natural Leather Deodorant

Sam’s Natural Leather deodorant gets its musky scent from ingredients like aspen bark, while shea butter and aloe keep pits comfortable and cool without feeling sticky.

Price $10
(Imperium Woodcraft)

Imperium Woodcraft Double Edge Hardwood Safety Razor

The Imperium Woodcraft Double Edge Hardwood safety razor has a hefty rosewood handle and a nickel-plated head that positions the blade to shear even the most persistent stubble.

Price $65

Byrd Light Pomade

Bergamot-scented Byrd Light pomade is minimally greasy because its main ingredient is water. It controls bedhead without broadcasting that you’re using fancy hair product.

Price $22