Action Optics Pol-Aire  -  Sunglasses: Reveiws

Action Optics Pol-Aire – Sunglasses: Reviews

Action Optics Pol-Aire  -  Sunglasses: Reveiws

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Why They’re CoolYou barely feel these rimless half-ounce wonders, which perform like big wraps. A springy stainless nosepiece and temples support poly lenses. The copper tint, enhanced by polarizing, reveals a splendidly sharp take on reality. » The rearward swoops at the lenses’ outside corners make for good protection from wind and rays. » The Pol-Aires look more boardroom than outback, but they’re a nice fashion-and-sport fusion.

Hmmm . . .Use kid gloves to handle such skinny shades.

RX-ABLE?That’s a negative.

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