Can Rollerblading Make a Comeback?

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Rollerblade Fusion 84 GM: Rollerblading was a 1990s phenomenon that is safely in the grave—except in France. Right? Apparently, for some, the verdict is still out. This month, the company is releasing a new urban skate, and marketing it to commuters.

The wheels and frame are racing caliber. The bio-plastic molded shell is comfort oriented, but responsive enough for you to maneuver around holes, cabs, open manhole covers, and those people gawking at your commute choice. The liners have a foam shock absorber to take up road clatter, and the skates come with a brake. Somebody even put their signature on these things. Not enough to convince you to bring back the fad? The skate's shell and cuff use a mix of renewable and recycled plastics. The blades offer every technology to help you ride to work as fast as possible, so you can avoid getting on the boss's bad side. We just can't guarantee that once you arrive, your office mates won't make fun of you. Available February 2012, $229,

-Berne Broudy

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