Can Your Shirt Make You Faster?


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Clothes make the man, as the old adage goes. In the case of clothing that uses Schoeller energear fabric, in fact it's certified to be true by scientific researchers, and claimed better than your average tee by race car drivers.

How it works: Energear, according to Schoeller, “is a specially formulated mineral matrix that reflects the energy contained in Far Infrared Rays radiated by the wearer back to the body.”

“Huh?” we asked.

According to Schoeller, the additional energy keeps you fresh, speeds your recovery, shortens your warm-up for physical activity and increases balance, concentration and wellbeing.”

Sounds esoteric, but it’s now been put to the test by Luna-C clothing owner and race car driver Lee Davis, and racer car driver Ryan Eversley.

“The competition in racing is tough, so everyone is constantly searching for any advantage they can get,” said Davis. “When I used an energear shirt in my first couple of races last year when I got out of the car, I realized I was not as tired, and felt really focused. In my last race before using energear, I finished a distant third. Since that time, I've had seven wins and two second-place finishes. I’m sure it wasn’t the only factor, but I consistently felt better and more focused in the car. I was in the zone.”

“I wore the Schoeller energear Luna-C shirt under my Nomex in the GRAND-AM Continental Tire race,” agreed Ryan Eversley. “I drove for over two hours and felt fantastic.”

Not sure if you buy the subjective reports? A well respected scientific research institute, the Hoehenstein Institute in Germany, says Schoeller’s claims are true. In a series of experiments with testers wearing energear shirts and testers wearing placebos, the energear wearers displayed a higher overall mental acuity and improved reaction time, both in multitasking and in sustained activity situations. No price on the still unnamed shirt yet, but it will be out this fall.

 -Berne Broudy


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