The party's in your jacket.
The party's in your jacket. (Zane Lamprey)

The Drinking Jacket

Sure, it looks like a normal jacket. But it's actually a mobile bar.

The party's in your jacket.
Robert Annis

Cheers to whoever thought up the Drinking Jacket.

This winter coat, which looks normal from the outside, features several hidden accouterments for people who love to drink, including a bottle-opener zipper pull, a neoprene-lined koozie breast pocket, a hidden flask pocket, and slip-resistant drinking mitts that extend over your palm so you can grip your beer without your hand getting cold.

There’s also an ID tag sewn into the jacket, so you can get it back if you leave it at the bar after a drunken revelries. 


*The price on this item has been corrected 

Lead Photo: Zane Lamprey