Bollé Serpent - Sunglasses: Reviews

Bollé Serpent – Sunglasses: Reviews

Bollé Serpent - Sunglasses: Reviews

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Don’t mistake these shades for snooky streetwear; the sports bona fides are all here in this elegant blend of style and performance tech. Cleverly concealed sticky pads at the nose and ears, combined with springy nylon frames and temples, kept the Serpent from migrating on sweaty faces. The biggish wrap-back polycarbonate lenses deliver a super-clear, unobstructed view, and an amber tint amps up contrast. And thanks to photochromic lenses that adjust to brightness, you’ve got the goods all day long, cloudy or bright. Rx-able;

Bonus: So light you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

Bummer: Check the mirror. If they’re not for you, the vibe can come off a mite middle-aged—think gray-haired guy in a Boxster.

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