Giro Splitter - Sport Sunglasses: Reviews
(Inga Hendrickson)

Giro Splitter – Sport Sunglasses: Reviews

Giro Splitter - Sport Sunglasses: Reviews

Stylish Jock

Split the difference between performance eye gear and streetwear—and between too cheap and too pricey. There’s lots to like here for less than $100. Brown-tint poly lenses, by optics meister Zeiss, revealed detail and depth and were exactly as big and wrapped-back as they needed to be for all-around coverage and protection. Cutouts on the temple pieces, right where they hinge into the frames, promoted air circulation behind lenses to prevent fog. The Splitter was apt for casual cycling, sure, and great for road and trail running, but maybe too relaxed for serious roadwork and racing. Stylewise, this Giro was up to weekending anywhere—and ideal everyday wear in outdoorsy towns like Bellingham. Rx-able.
Value: 4.6
Sport/Street Crossover: 4.5