A Good Tee Just Got Better

We already loved Icebreaker's Tech Tee lite for its odor-zapping abilities. The recent addition of artist-designed graphics is just icing on the cake.

Berne Broudy

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A year ago we wrote about Icebreaker’s Tech Tee lite, and we put it through a two-week stink test that it aced, earning full fiancée approval. Now, Icebreaker has made that great tee even better, with artist-designed nature and outdoors graphics.

Ed Hepp has created designs to show nature in juxtaposition. From a distance, a design might appear to be a stag, but up close you can see it is made up of many tiny, hand-drawn mountain triangles, giving each print an element of discovery.

Adam Haynes, who has a distinctive, playful, offbeat style, juxtaposes manmade elements, such as a bike, with nature.

We like the bike and the Swiss Army Knife lobster best. Whichever you prefer, we’ve got good news. From May 3 to May 31, Icebreaker is giving away tees each week, as well as a $1000 shopping spree. Visit to enter, or stop by any Icebreaker TouchLab store. Or just buy one…

Available now, $65,

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