5 Resort Skiing Essentials

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Icebreaker Oasis Crewe Razor Shirt

From paying its farmers well to pampering the sheep, Icebreaker has earned its reputation for responsible business practices. It also makes stylish, soft, and perfectly fitting merino wool midlayers.

Seirus Snowdanas

Seirus Snowdana
Seirus Snowdana (Courtesy of Seirus)

Seirus’s Snow­danas hit the sweet spot. They’re not as conspicuous as what the park rats wear, but they’re way sleeker than frumpy-looking neck warmers. The stretchy polyester fabric stays put ­however you wear it, with a soft, fleece-like inner and an outer you can actually breathe through.

Giro Nine.10

Giro Nine.10
Giro Nine.10 (Courtesy of Giro)

Giro’s Nine helmet has been a tester favorite for years. The new iteration, the Nine.10, lets you dial in the fit even with gloves on, and it features a huge under-brim vent that helps keep goggles fog-free. The only drawback: opening and closing the 15 other vents requires taking off the helmet and fumbling with two (easy to lose) polyester inserts.

K2 LockJaws

Keen Howser
Keen Howser (Courtesy of Keen)

We don’t normally get excited about poles, but the carbon-aluminum K2 LockJaws have a nifty feature below the grip: a bubble-vial inclino­m­eter that allows you to measure the ­degree of a slope simply by laying the pole on the run.

Scott Sports’ Fix

Scott Sports' Fix
Scott Sports' Fix (Courtesy of Scott Sports)

For high-end goggles, Scott Sports’ Fix are well priced. They fit every tester’s face and meshed well with helmets. Most ­important, the Natural Light lens is one of the most versatile, contrast-enhancing we’ve tried.

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