Julbo Trail - Sunglasses: Reviews

Julbo Trail – Sunglasses: Reviews

Julbo Trail - Sunglasses: Reviews

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Serious photochromics make the Trails ideal for long race days. A yellowish tint, perfectly tuned for low light, deepens to amber in full sun, and this color spectrum kicks up contrast and depth. The biggish lenses are also soft and flexible, so they won’t add to the bodily damage in a crash, plus they hang from minimalist frames, providing just enough ventilation to prevent fogging. Sticky rubber at the temples and nose and a head-hugging nylon body cancel out sweat and road shock. Caveat: Wear them anywhere you please, but the Trail is “street style” only if you’re on a bike. Rx-able with $20 prescription-lens adapter; julbousa.com

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