Julbo Zulu Falcon Sunglasses
Julbo Zulu Falcon Sunglasses (Courtesy of Julbo)

Julbo Zulu Sunglasses

Julbo Zulu Falcon Sunglasses

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THE SELL: A fashion-forward athletic number with new-tech lenses that are great for driving. THE TEST: Julbo’s Falcon polarized photochromic lenses solve a problem shades makers prefer not to discuss: automatically adjusting photochromic lenses don’t perform for drivers. Why? Because most photo lenses react to invisible UV light that tinted auto glass blocks. But Julbo’s new material reacts to visible wavelengths behind the windshield (and everywhere else). The lenses also deliver supersharp clarity and contrast pumped up by a sumptuous coppery tint. And the tint lightens nicely for less-than-searing light—9 a.m., say, or a bright overcast afternoon. THE VERDICT: Sexy and delicious—or so we thought. We did get a boo-hiss from a buddy in the fashion business.
Value: 3.5
Performance: 4.5
Look: 4

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