Material Girl: This Winter’s Coziest Sweaters


Dear Auntie Nellie,

Thank you so much for the closet-full of holiday sweaters. I particularly love the one with the reindeer branded festively across my chest–the sewn-on bells were a nice touch too. And not annoying at all.

This year, I thought I might lend you a hand in picking out your staple gift. Here are the three sweaters I am coveting this year (for their blissful, velvet-y-to-the-touch ways):

1. Westcomb's Pinnacle Sweater ($160) doesn't only have a flattering cut, it's soft as a baby lamb (or what I imagine a baby lamb would feel like). Maybe that's because it's made from a blend of Italian wool and cashmere with a Velour-lined collar. Not only would I wear this out on the town, but it would be the perfect layer for a day on the slopes thanks to its high collar (good for keeping my neck warm). Zippered front pockets keep the heat in and are big enough to hold a tube of sunscreen or an energy bar.

 2. If I had an award for the coziest sweatshirt (a hard feat, I know!), I'd give it to this one: the Tupa Hoody by Io-Bio ($130). Most sweatshirts are made out of cotton and grow rough with each washing, but the Tupa Hoody is 100% merino wool which means it's way off the “soft-for-a-sweatshirt” charts. “Butter” would be one adjective to describe it, while “clever” is another; Thumb holes make sure your hands stay nice and warm inside those ski gloves. Whether you're sleeping in this thing or wearing it outside, you won't want to take it off. The lotus drawing on the arm is a nice touch too.

3. Quite possibly my favorite of the bunch is the Arc'teryx Covert Cardigan ($175). It's fleece, for technicality's sake, but this thing is knit like your grandmother's, well, everything (blanket, hat, mittens, shawl, doilies). The yarn is also heathered, thus the name “cardigan.”  Warm, soft, and fitted, it's like the sporty version of your favorite sweater–and it even comes with a softshell pocket for protecting my cell phone from the elements. The Covert can stand on its own on brisk but dry days (it's thick!) or you can layer it under a shell. But know I'll always be warm in this baby.

-XOXO. Your (sweater-loving) niece, Material Girl