Nike “Back to the Future” Power Laces

Your Marty McFly dreams just came true


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Who doesn’t want to live in the world of Marty McFly via Back to the Future Part II? And even if you can’t actually use a DeLorean to go back in time, you can at least dress like the movie’s hero. 

In 2011, Nike came out with a limited edition of the MAG shoes featured in the film. For 2015, the company is stepping up its futuristic game by creating a pair of kicks with self-tying laces. Yes, you read that right, although we’re still not sure just how well this system will work in real life.  

Nike will make a pair of sneaks with power laces that tighten themselves. A little too futuristic for you? Don’t worry. You have at least a year to prepare for the debut, and it’s still unclear how many pairs will be made.


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