Oakley Jawbone - Sport Sunglasses: Reviews
(Inga Hendrickson)

Oakley Jawbone – Sport Sunglasses: Reviews

Oakley Jawbone - Sport Sunglasses: Reviews

Mad Multisporter

The Jawbone is available in multiple lens options that include vented, polarized, and photochromic. We loved the polarized persimmon seen here, but our favorite was the vented copper-mirrored Fire Iridium, which offered crisp, hi-res views and made this big wrap look like it might bite, with its toothy lens cutouts. (The vents are a smart design feature: As you move, the airflow keeps close-fitting shades from trapping moisture and fogging up the lenses.) Oakley’s smart interchangeable lens system opens wide and chomps down hard, literally. Pull the nosepieces down to release hinged frames that gape, jawlike, to free the lenses, then relock them as solidly as any fixed-lens sunglasses. The only clues to the mechanics are hinge pins at the corners of the frames—and they only add to the loud, lethal look, which also speaks to the strong coverage and security of this piece. Rx-able. oakley.com
Value: 3.7
Sport/Street Crossover: 1.2