Photograph by Nigel Cox

Optic Nerve

Shield your eyes with the season's coolest shades and be primed for action anytime, anywhere


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1. Go big with SPY OPTIC's aviator-style SILVER SHADOW frames, which hug the contours of the face to cover the eyes from any angle. $145;

2. The LITTLE ITALY, from QUIKSILVER , features shatterproof lenses and 100 percent UV protection, all for the price of a cheap date. $70;

3. Oversize lenses on PRADA's AVIATOR block any refracted glare, whether it's from a blinding-white beach or pesky paparazzi. $275;

4. Since the sun in Panama is more intense than it is in Alaska, KAENON POLARIZED offers the BEACON in a variety of polarized tints to match the shades to your surroundings. $170;

5. The stellar UVA, UVB, and UVC protection on OAKLEY's boldly styled OIL DRUM is sweet. Sweeter still, you can spec 'em out with your own prescription. From $170;

6. SMITH OPTICS' SERPICO uses medium-size wraparound lenses milled to eliminate distortion, giving you full coverage against UV rays and blurry vision in Pacino-worthy frames. $80;

7. SPECIALIZED uses high-quality photochromic lenses in its SWINGARM frames; they automatically darken on the trail, then lighten up in the club. $140;

8. The polarized lenses in BOLLÉ's PHARMIUM gunmetal frames neutralize sunlight reflected off lakes, rivers, oceans, and the glass canyons of the city. $140;

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